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BONA – experts in wooden care since 1919!

Wallis Timber Floors recommend & supply BONA cleaning and maintenance products for your timber floors. They will ensure they are kept looking their best and are protected against everyday living.

The following products are the ultimate cleaning tools required for your new floor and can be delivered to your home upon completion of your new floor, should you wish to order before Wallis Timber Floors commence work on your timber floors. This will ensure you have all the gear to care for your floors from the start. Please have a read of our  Floorcare guide

Complete Cleaning Kit

Includes: Bona Mop, Bona Cleaning Pad
 & Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Spray 1L


             Dusting Pad                                        Cleaning Pad                                 Bona Cleaning Spray
                $16.50                                                     $16.50                                                 $16.50
                 Includes: 1 x Dusting Pad                                                              Includes: 1 x Cleaning Pad                                                         Includes 1L of spray
            for use on the Bona Mop head.                                                      for use on the Bona Mop head.


        Floor Felts - 19mm                        Floor Felts - 25mm                            Floor Felts - 38mm                      
                $12.50                                                  $12.50                                                $12.50
                      Includes:20 felts                                                                         Includes:16 felts                                                                      Includes:8 felts

    Wood Floor Refresher                      Refresher Applicator Pad                    Floor Cleaner Refill
                $23.50                                                  $16.50                                                  $24.50
          1L Refresher Maintenance Coating                                             Applicator Pad to be used with the                                                             Includes 4L 
                Covers approx. 40m2                                                                       Bona Mop to apply the                                
                                                                                                             Bona Refresher Maintenance Coating

How to care for your new floor

Here is a little information to help you care for your newly finished timber floors. It is important you follow the correct maintenance advice to ensure your floors look their best for the longest amount of time. Should you have any questions or need any further advise, please contact Wallis Timber Floors who would be happy to assist.

The Finished Floor

Once your floor has been finished, your floor can be walked on with socks after 24 hours.

Full curing and hardening will not occur for a few weeks and it is recommended that furniture is to be put back after a good 5 days with felt pads or protectors applied to the feet of furniture.

Furniture Felts

It is very important that all your furniture is fitted with felts under each leg or part which makes contact with the timber floor. This is to ensure that your furniture does not scratch your floor every time you pull your chair out or sit down on a couch or bump the table. These are available from Wallis Timber Floors and are inexpensive but compulsory to keep your floor at its best.

Use Mats

Shoes carry sand, grit & small stones which will abrade the floor surface in the same way that sand paper does. Place mats at entrances and where possible place a mat on the inside as well as outside. Use runners and rugs in high traffic areas. Avoid using rugs for 2 weeks to allow the coating to cure.

Direct Light

Like any quality furnishing or floor covering in your home, direct light (sunlight and /or artificial) will cause change in timber colouring over time. To avoid fading and discolouring, filter direct light with curtains or blinds. As floors that have been exposed to light will change colour over time, remember that areas of floor covered with rugs etc. will retain their original colour. Therefore once rugs are removed, or their position changed, variations in colour will become visible. This can be fixed by removing your mat/rug for a period of time.

Maintenance Plan

The most important thing you can do to keep your floor looking like new is to establish a regular cleaning program. Just how regularly you need to clean your floor is totally dependent on the environment the floor is in. Factors such as the traffic level, the degree of grit carried onto the floor, pets, children etc. all have significant influence on the wear of the floor.

Daily / Weekly

Wallis Timber Floors recommend & supply specially designed antistatic mops for timber flooring.

The dry cloth (dust floor fibre) sweeps up all the dust & grit that is on your floor.

A quick run over daily with the ‘dusting floor pad’, will keep all dirt off the floor and will stop it from scratching the floor. Follow this by mopping with a slightly damp 'cleaning pad' which is specifically designed for glossy floors.

A special floor cleaning spray can be used to clean your timber floor to remove any grime from your floors. This will stop it building up to create a streaky or milky finish over your floor coating and keep it looking its best.

Fortnightly / Monthly

Damp mopping only needs to be done as required, e.g. either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Avoid using harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners as these may damage your floor and cause dull patches to appear. We recommend using ‘BONA’ cleaning products specifically for timber floors (available from Wallis Timber Floors Showroom.

Half Yearly Refresher

There is a great new product that can be supplied by Wallis Timber Floors that is to be applied to your floors when they are looking a little tired and are in need of an uplift. It is specifically designed for timber floors and is a ready to use waterborne maintenance coating which revives a scratched or dull surface, giving a newly finished look and continued protection against wear.

This should be applied every 6 months to fully protect your timber floors.


It is advisable to have a new coat of original polish applied before the surface has been excessively worn through to the timber. Just when this recoat will need to be applied is entirely a factor of wear and care. The usual time frame is within 5-7 years. This involves a fine buff back of your floor and a new coat applied. The cost of this is approximately a third of the cost of re-sanding. Once the coating has worn through to the timber in any areas, it will need to be completely re-sanded and new coats applied. 


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